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Introducing the Diamond Broker Program

Available exclusively to TIA’s Performance Certified members

TIA Performance Certified Brokers now have an affordable and effective method of advertising their good name and enhancing their exposure on the industry’s largest loadboard. Participating members receive a diamond designation attached to every load they post to truckstop.com. The diamond quickly delivers valuable assurances to Carriers regarding credit, performance history and the size and quality of the Broker’s bond.

The diamond advertises the quality of your bond, your excellent payment history and your good name to thousands of trucking companies viewing your load posting.

What is unique about this program: The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) is the leading trade association serving the brokerage industry. Truckstop.com is the industry’s largest freight matching service used by more than one million trucks. The TIA provides trusted bond and performance information to Truckstop.com. In turn, Truckstop.com provides additional credit and performance data, as well as, a highly visible platform. By combining the two, valuable information about the Broker can be efficiently delivered to the Carrier and provide Broker members a competitive edge.

How does the program work: The TIA Performance Certified Broker must maintain an “A” credit rating and experience factor with Truckstop.com. The Broker pays a special TIA negotiated reduced annual Diamond Broker Program membership fee. When these qualifications are met the Broker will enjoy the marketing and support benefits of this innovative program.

Membership Fees: Qualifying TIA members receive a $100 reduction with the TIA negotiated rate of $150 per diamond per year. This is a forty percent discount available only to TIA members.

Premium Support Services: Credit review, monitoring and consulting are included to both protect and maximize credit ratings. Truckstop.com’s affiliate ITS Financial Services, LLC will provide notification of any change in member’s experience factor or Days-to-Pay score.

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